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Due Diligence

The integrity of an individual or a company is a matter of concern when you are considering a trade, an investment, a merger or acquisition. Prior to establishing ties with another business, it is important to have in-depth knowledge about the background information and financial status of the company, as well as those of its related parties.

Insurance Claims Investigation

To help insurance companies authenticate suspicious claims and avoid insurance fraud; specializing in employee compensation, traffic accident claims and personal injury defense cases for identification of legal liability.

Matrimonial Investigation

From suspected infidelity, divorce settlement to child custody fights, matrimonial disputes could be emotional and stressful for clients. During such challenging times, Herald can help you find out the truth, and subsequently fight for a fair divorce settlement, child custody rights, and equitable distribution of properties if need be.

Corporate Solutions

With our deep understanding of the concerns of various industries and professions, Herald hereby launches the Corporate Solutions Service to cater to our clients’ needs with its ground-breaking features. We provide our clientele including law firms, insurance companies, business corporations and others with a tailor-made package upon their needs and requests with a competitive offer.

Asset & Background Check

An asset and background search reveals the financial profile of an individual or a company, uncovering all the assets of the Subject, which helps you find out the truth and settle disputes more effectively.

Intellectual Property Investigation

The most invaluable asset of a business might not be tangible and quantifiable – it is the company’s intellectual property, which includes everything from trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs to trade secrets.

Pre-Employment Screening

Many companies adopt a standard way of recruiting employees, which includes review of resumes and interviews. However, these traditional methods have their limitations and may not accurately reflect all the past experience of a candidate.

Process Serving

Process serving means delivering legal documents, but to us, it is so much more than that. Herald’s process serving services are an important and comprehensive set of legal assistance actions that can save you a lot of trouble in a lawsuit.