Process Serving

Process Serving

What is Process Serving?

Process Serving means delivering legal documents, but to us, it is much more than that. Herald’s Process Serving service is a comprehensive set of legal assistance actions that can save you a lot of trouble in a lawsuit.

Benefits of Hiring a Process Serving Company

Our Process Serving Service Can:​

  • Act as an impartial party to deliver the legal documents
  • Locate and identify the Subjects, even if they are deliberately avoiding being served
  • Avoid physical conflict between you and the Subject
  • Provide evidence with video footage of the entire process

Process Serving is more than just delivering legal documents


During the course of Process Serving, a major challenge is finding the defendant or the witness. Common difficulties in locating the defendant or the witness include the change of address or missing contact information.

In tougher scenarios, the person you wish to look for is deliberately avoiding the documents, thus greatly hindering the legal proceedings.


A document is ready to be served

Arrived at the correspondence address

The Subject is located.

Documents are served like the courier/postmen do


A document is ready to be served

Arrived at the correspondence address

The Subject could not be located/or The Subject

refused the document

Documents could not be served, or documents are served without acknowledgement of receipt

Deadline has passed

Time cost immensely increased

What Does Herald Offer You?

We are experienced in catering to instructions from around the globe to serve legal documents in Hong Kong, in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Our service coverage includes:


Matrimonial Matters

It is understandable that conflicts are best to be avoided when one is asked to contact his/her spouse regarding sensitive matrimonial matters. Therefore, we assist in serving divorce papers and custody documents to prevent face-to-face confrontation between the Subject and yourself.

Business Matters

If you have difficulties locating or contacting the claimant, insured, renter or debtor, we will conduct inspections and research before serving the documents. When the Subject is located, we will dispatch our experienced process server to complete the service for you.

Legal Matters

Avoid postponing court dates, leading to immense costs beyond your expectations. Our professional team helps you deliver legal documents securely and efficiently to the Subject, who will no longer have any excuses to delay legal proceedings.

Judicial Orders

In the case whereby on repeated occasions, the Subject makes up pretexts on not being notified about a restraint or restitution. Our service thus includes serving judicial orders, e.g. injunctions, to the Subject, ensuring the authoritative instruction is enforced on time.

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