Process Serving

Process Serving

What is Process Serving?

Process Serving means delivering legal documents, but to us, it is so much more than that. Herald’s Process Serving services are an important and comprehensive set of legal assistance actions that can save you a lot of trouble in a lawsuit. We are a trusted partner that provides a high standard of legal support in areas of collecting crucial evidence, locating defendants and witnesses, conducting background searches, and delivering legal documents efficiently and securely.

Our Process Serving services satisfy the needs of both individuals and corporations, and are proven to be trustworthy by professional clients such as law firms and attorneys.

HERALD’s professional legal support

1. Delivery of Legal Documents

Should you wish to take legal actions against another party, you shall issue and deliver a formal notice to that party, enabling that party to respond so as to commence legal proceedings. Such procedure is called Process Serving. From summons, matrimonial orders, bankruptcy petitions, rent notices to plaintiff’s claims, we are experienced in serving different kinds of process on behalf of our clients. Therefore, our process servers are in the know about concerned deadlines and legal requirements, thus sure to be compliant with court rules. We pledge to ensure punctual and safe delivery of your legal documents, saving your time and energy on handling such matter.

2. Locating Defendants and Witnesses

During the course of Process Serving, a major challenge is finding the defendant or the witness. A common difficulty in locating the defendant or the witness could be due to change of address or missing contact information. In tougher scenarios, the person you wish to look for is deliberately avoiding being served legal documents, thus greatly hindering legal proceedings. This is when our expertise in investigation and professional network comes in handy. Not only will we locate the defendant and the witness, we will also conduct background checks to allow you to understand the defendant better, as well as determine if a potential witness is the right one that will be helpful to your case.


After identifying the defendant or the potential witness, our investigators will inquire into the background of the individual so as to gather information about his or her whereabouts. An in-depth investigation reveals the background and contact information of the Subject, enabling our investigators to track his or her location. Aided with media and internet search, we will be able to obtain insight into the daily lives, personal history and close connections of the Subject, which may give away crucial details on his or her location. Once we acquire leads on the whereabouts of the Subject, our dedicated investigators will also pay visits to examine the area and the Subject’s pattern of daily lives, followed by surveillance work to closely monitor his or her whereabouts.


Our locating service and background check can also help you look for expert witnesses, whose specialized knowledge in an area (such as medical care, science and technology) will be taken by the court as objective and reliable opinion or evidence. Successfully locating a suitable expert witness can help you evaluate a case more profoundly by enlightening you with professional opinion within the witness’ area of expertise.

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