Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Services & Why You Need Them

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Being in love and getting married is a wonderful, magical time and yet too many people walk into their wedding without being properly prepared. Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And like any important decision, you don’t want to make it without all the information.

This isn’t about not trusting the person you’re married to. This is about protecting yourself and the rest of your family from fraud, financial problems, and other issues that could cause serious problems and heartache.

So, before you take the big step into sharing your life with someone else, here’s what you need to know about pre-matrimonial investigation services and whether they are right for you.

What is a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

During a premarital investigation, a private investigator will gather all the available information on the person you’re about to marry. This might sound intrusive, but it’s the only way to uncover events and truths that other people might hide.

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The process is completely confidential and discreet and can uncover information like:

  • Previous marital status
  • Any criminal records
  • Family background
  • Bad habits like drug use
  • Previous relationships or affairs
  • Children
  • Current job details
  • Circle of friends
  • Temperament

If you’re in the least bit unsure or have assets or people to protect, then you owe it to yourself to talk to a premarital detective agency about a background check.

Why you Need Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Services

There are numerous reasons why a pre-marriage investigation might be a good idea before you walk down the aisle. Some good reasons include:

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Con Men

Conmen have always existed and they will prey upon anyone, causing them to lose almost everything and have their lives turned upside down. Conmen are practiced in presenting a pleasant, trustworthy façade, so it can be almost impossible to tell that you’re involved with one until the worst happens.

No one wants to think that someone they love is lying to them. But too many people have fallen victim to these kinds of scams. A thorough premarital investigation will uncover details about your potential partner’s job, income, and history. This will uncover any shortcuts or warning signs that might indicate a scam.

Bad Habits

This refers to drug and alcohol problems, as well as other habits that sufferers try to hide from themselves and others.

Unknowingly marrying someone with a drug or alcohol problem could be devastating for your marriage, your finances, and your mental and physical health. That’s why these kinds of habits need to be identified before you walk down the aisle so you can make an informed choice about your future.

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Online Relationships

The internet has changed the world and it’s changed the way many people meet their partners too. Unfortunately, this has given rise to whole new ways to scam and steal from people. You’ve probably seen the stories about someone falling in love online, only to be left unmarried, much poorer, and broken-hearted.

It’s too easy for someone to hide their identity online if you know a little about the internet. But the investigators at a reputable premarital detective agency will understand how to unravel the webs that these online scammers weave.

Financial Problems

Once you get married, your finances are joined to your partner. Lots of individuals and couples find it difficult to talk about finances, resulting in gaps in your knowledge regarding your partner’s financial status.

These gaps might be harmless, or they could result in severe financial consequences for you or even for your family. That’s why you need to keep them in the loop, so that you can make an informed choice about the best way to protect your family and your future.

Criminal History

If you’re marrying someone with a criminal history, they may try to hide it out of shame or because the charge was a long time ago or seemingly insignificant. But even seemingly trivial charges can impact your lives together. It can affect job opportunities and house rentals, so you must be aware of it before you walk down the aisle.

Fortunately, a complete police check is part of any good premarital background check.

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Previous Relationships

You might think your partner tells you everything, but everyone has seen the stories of spouses confronted by past relationships or previous marriages that were never dissolved. This kind of information is easily hidden or forgotten, particularly if your courtship is short, but its effects on your relationship and your future together can be devastating.

The Final Word on Pre-Matrimonial Investigations in Hong Kong

A pre-matrimonial investigation might sound intrusive or overkill. But your safety comes before everything else. If you’re unsure, then trust your instincts. It’s far better to have a premarital background check done and uncover nothing than not doing one when a problem truly does exist.

Find out more about Herald Business Consulting’s comprehensive matrimonial investigation services here, or contact us for further inquiries.