Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Limitations of the traditional recruitment methods

Many companies adopt a standard way of recruiting employees, which includes review of resumes and interviews. However, these traditional methods have their limitations and may not accurately reflect all the past experience of a candidate. It could be hard for the employer to find out if one’s resume contains fabrications, not to mention that there could be plenty of untold background information about one’s education and job history. Meanwhile, face-to-face interviews may help fill some of the gaps on the resume, but provided that most interviews are conducted in a limited period of time in a rigid setting, they may not reveal one’s true reputation and capability.

In many situations, human resources professionals could use extra help from our Pre-Employment Screening service, especially when a company is hiring for important positions, such as senior management or leadership roles for an entity.

Pre-Employment Screening is a new trend

The practice of Pre-Employment Screening is becoming more popular among employers universally, but Hong Kong employers are yet to catch up with the global trend. Survey shows that 70% of employers have discovered that the resumes of their employees contain false information. Meanwhile, nearly 40% of them believe their company has never examined the job history and criminal records of board members. Shockingly, nearly 40% of business owners rely on their “gut feelings” when hiring for top positions.

To assure the quality of new hires, a strict recruitment process and thorough background checks are vital. We see an urgent need for a change in the human resources scene, and we are here to provide the assistance you need to improve your recruitment process.

What does HERALD offer you?

With the principal goals being to save the employer’s time and effort to validate information in the recruitment process, and to avoid any possible hiring risks that may spark safety concerns or cause damage to the company’s reputation, we provide full Pre-Employment Screening to investigate the background of potential hires.

1. Background Search on the Individual

To investigate and validate the candidate’s profile, including his or her education, employment history, references, financial status and professional qualifications. The Subject’s background could be reflected in many aspects of daily life, including but not limited to credit rating, driving records, civil and criminal litigation records, medical history and previous work-related insurance claims. For the safety of customers and co-workers, we also look into the criminal records of the Subject, which will reveal if the Subject has committed any criminal offence, and if yes, the severity of the offence and the penalty incurred. When necessary, media and internet search will be performed to check for misconduct and controversial statements.

2. Education and Employment Verification (with consent letter from the Subject)

Making false claims on education and employment history is not something uncommon, even for people at crucial positions of an entity. Another worrying trend in recent years is purchasing fake degrees, which are often issued by non-existent institutions that claim to be operating overseas. As employers might not have the resources to verify qualifications that are not issued locally, they might be easily misled to believe such claims. These reports of fraud have proved that a professional Pre-Employment Screening is indeed necessary. Upon obtaining the Subject’s consent letter, we conduct overt and comprehensive investigation to verify the claims on education, qualifications and past employers.

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