Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Employment Background Check

Why Pre-Employment Screening is Important

Boost your hiring confidence with Herald’s comprehensive pre-employment screening services. Our thorough employee background checks in Hong Kong ensure employee records have been verified by professionals.

Benefits of Conducting Pre-Employment Screening

Our Pre-Employment Services Can:

  • Verify the authenticity of a candidate’s resume
  • Save your time and effort of screening for suitable candidate
  • Help you build a strong team with validated backgrounds and competence

The Old Way

(Doing the checking on your own):

You need to spend extra time verifying every piece of information about the candidate on top of having the job interview with him/her.

It might not be your strong suit to conduct employee background checks and obtain information that you need about

the candidates from their former employers.

It could be chaotic sometimes especially when you handle the checking on multiple candidates.

The New and Better Way

(Using Herald’s service):

We can do the checking for you so that you can stay focused on

building your team of talent.

With ample experience, we have the expertise to formulate a set of questions that can effectively seek comments from the candidate’s former employers.

We present our employment screening results in a clear and precise report so that you can digest the information easily.

What Does Herald Offer You?

We conduct thorough examinations on candidates to reveal the most suitable information for our clients.


Full Pre-Employment Screening

Herald’s Full Pre-Employment Screening service is suitable for employers who intend on conducting comprehensive background checks on potential employees, a crucial part of the hiring process. On top of the standard Education and Employment Verifications, our research covers the checking of a candidate’s background in areas related to litigation, directorship history, disciplinary issues, global compliance, media reputation, and more, with the goal of providing you with a well-rounded understanding of each candidate.

Pre-Employment Screening (Entry Level)

This type of Pre-Employment Screening narrows down on a few fundamental aspects of checking that gives the employer a core understanding of a candidate, with more resources directed to his/her education and employment background, suitable for entry-level position hiring.

Pre-Employment Screening (Managerial Level)

More suited for checking on mid- to high-level positions, this service allows employers to have a decent understanding of the candidate while not having to go through every aspect if not necessary. With more items covered compared to the checking on candidates at entry-level positions, this service further extends its scope to the candidate’s misconduct/disciplinary issues, global compliance record and bankruptcy history.

Corporate Solution

Specifically designed for recruitment/headhunting companies with the screening of a large number of candidates, this service can take care of the tedious process of checking with the related education institutions and employers of each candidate for you while your team can focus on the desktop search parts which are more accessible.

Find out more about Herald’s Employment Background Check Service in Hong Kong today.

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