➤ Insurance Claims Investigation
To help insurance companies authenticate suspicious claims and avoid insurance fraud; specializing in traffic accident claims and personal injury defense cases, principally workers’ compensation and liability.

➤ Matrimonial Investigation
To collect indisputable evidence, especially in extramarital affairs, in order to fight for a fair divorce settlement, child custody rights, and equitable distribution of properties.

➤ Tracing Missing Persons
To find missing persons such as a missing child, a runaway teenager, long-lost relatives, lovers and friends, or to locate a witness, defendant or debtor for legal matters.

➤ Counter-Surveillance
To employ a set of actions to prevent you from hostile surveillance, restoring your privacy and peace of mind.

➤ Asset Search
To conduct a comprehensive investigation of assets include vehicle, real estate, company, branches & subsidiaries and bank; on behalf of businesses, law firms and attorneys, as well as individuals; To save you time and money, for a number of cases such as divorce, pre-marriage, potential legal case, ongoing lawsuit, pre-business partnership, judgment collection and bankruptcy.

➤ Individual Background Check
To uncover information about a person’s character and past, such as criminal or commercial or financial records; and to conduct a pre-employment check on a potential hire, especially for a position of trust.

➤ Intellectual Property Investigation
To provide trademark & copyright infringement investigation, with an aim to protect intellectual property rights of your brands.

➤ Employee Background Check
To save employer’s time and money in the recruitment process, we help investigate backgrounds of potential hires and try to avoid any possible hiring risks for safety and security purposes; To help verify employee’ suspicious claims and expenses, the validity of sick leave, or leakage of confidential information.

➤ Legal Process Service
To provide a high standard of legal supports, especially for law firms and attorneys, in areas of collecting crucial evidence, locating defendants and witnesses, conducting background search, delivering legal documents efficiently and securely.

➤ Due Diligence
To provide solutions to better protect your investments; to investigate a business or a person prior to signing a contract, help you to make critical decisions with confidence and avoid pitfalls.