Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial Investigation

From suspected infidelity, divorce settlement to child custody fights, matrimonial disputes could be emotional and stressful for clients. During such challenging times, it is important to have professional investigators to help you gather evidence to support your next step. When settling matrimonial conflicts, verification and investigation is essential to safeguard your rights.

How does HERALD support you?

  • Dig out the truth and evidence
  • Safeguard your rights
  • Fight for a fair divorce settlement, child custody rights and equitable distribution of properties

Combining Surveillance and Asset Search, our Matrimonial Investigation follows two directions – uncovering infidelity and helping you fight for child custody.

1. Surveillance

When you doubt that your spouse is involved in extramarital affairs, our surveillance work can help you confirm if your suspicion is legitimate. Trained to be discreet in action, our investigators keep the Subject under full-time surveillance. If we find out the Subject is unfaithful, we will follow the Subject closely to collect intelligence, such as photos, videos and other forms of records. Should you wish to file for a divorce, records showing infidelity and adultery will act as indisputable evidence to facilitate divorce proceedings.

A close scrutiny of your spouse can also be useful in determining the rights of child custody. In the process of a divorce, many couples find it hard to reach a consensus on the right of child custody, but no one would disagree that children deserve to continue receiving the best care and be protected from harm, even if their parents have decided to go separate ways. Our investigation can find out if the other party is fit for child custody from different aspects, thus helping you settle disagreement over child custody rights and ensuring that the children will grow up in a favourable environment under proper supervision. We provide surveillance service to track the habitual activities and lifestyle of the Subject, paying special attention to undesirable behaviours that may lead to negligence, abuse or bad influences on your children.

2. Asset Search

An Asset Search is beneficial in many aspects of a divorce. Principally, it protects your rights financially. Through a comprehensive search that covers bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, shareholdings, companies and other properties, we are able to illustrate the Subject’s financial condition to prepare for negotiations over the divorce settlement.

A divorce settlement is an agreement that deals with the division of all assets of the couple. Honest disclosure of assets from both parties is crucial to a fair divorce settlement, but not every individual would cooperate. Sometimes, a spouse would hide assets to avoid payments. If you have doubts regarding the assets declared by your spouse, a complete survey of the Subject’s assets will reveal if there is any hidden income and assets, so that you can prevent the Subject from avoiding a high settlement.

Hidden assets may also help a spouse shun the responsibility of supporting the previous partner and the children financially. A detailed asset search will secure the maintenance, ensuring that the Subject fulfill the legal obligation, and that you and your children will enjoy your entitled rights.

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