Insurance Claims Investigation

Insurance Claims Investigation

Insurance companies are frequently confronted with fraudulent claims. The trend of insurance fraud is on the rise globally, and the financial loss incurred is greater than many realise. With HERALD’s professional insurance claims investigation service, you can easily sort out truth from fiction.


Why should you choose HERALD?

Here are the reasons:

  • We are experienced in authenticating and investigating suspicious claims, and our services are trusted by countless insurance companies and business entities.
  • We provide a thorough investigation to find out if the Subject is engaged in any fraud employee insurance claims, specialising in traffic accident claims and personal injury defence cases, principally workers’ compensation and liability.
  • With our trustworthy investigators and dedicated services, we have helped insurance companies avoid insurance fraud and protect their rights when defending against disputed cases.
In what circumstances can HERALD’s insurance claim investigation services support you?

1. Employee Compensation / Personal Injury

For cases of personal injury or illness, it is not uncommon that claimants exaggerate their symptoms, or even feign illnesses to defraud employers and insurance companies. When a suspicious claim is spotted, you will need professionals to investigate the Subject discreetly and meticulously. To prevent fraudulent personal injury claims from posing risks to your business entity, our investigators are trained to perform stakeouts and surveillance on the Subject in the following areas:
  • Everyday Activities
  • Residence Location
  • Employment / Working Ability
  • Exaggerated Physical Symptoms
  • Malingering (Feigned illness)
  • Family Background Check
  • Financial Condition

2. Traffic Accident

For traffic accident claims, it is crucial to determine the authenticity and liability of the crash before moving on to negotiation of settlement. We specialize in conducting the following insurance claim investigations to justify the claims:

  • Background Check on Claimant:
    To help you assess the driving history of the claimant, we conduct a thorough background check on the claimant, including but not limited to one’s track record of traffic offences, road accidents, medical records and previous insurance claims.
  • Police Investigation Result’s Follow-up:
    To facilitate our insurance claim investigation, we actively follow up on the police’s report for a detailed official account of the accident, as well as the damage and casualty (if any) caused.
  • Investigation on Injured Persons:
    The investigation covers areas such as severity of injury, level of medical attention, medical costs incurred and the insurance status of injured persons.

Our Basic Package Includes:

  • A detailed action plan
  • A record of evidence, including any video, image and audio files acquired during the surveillance process
  • Frequent email updates of surveillance progress
  • A comprehensive surveillance report and DVD
  • Basic research (if necessary) on the Subject and related parties, includes Litigation Record, Land Search, Vehicle Search, Directorship Search, Company Search, Bankruptcy Search, Winding-Up Record, Media & Internet Search

As an insurance claims investigation company, we’re here to help you set apart the fabricated cases from the real ones. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help your company.

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