How to Deliver Legal Documents to Someone Who Is elusive?

How to Deliver Legal Documents to Someone Who Is elusive?

Have you ever thought that delivering legal documents can sometimes be tricky? Sure, the delivery might be simple if the information is accurate and the recipient is cooperative. But what if the subject is intentionally evading contact? In that case, process serving service is what you need.

What should I do if the legal documents are refused?

Whenever you are going to commence a legal proceeding regarding a matrimonial order, bankruptcy petition or rent notice to plaintiff’s claims, you should first deliver a formal notice to the counter party for them to respond.

Some people may think that it would be fine to serve the documents themselves or simply find a courier to do so. But it is not true. Serving legal documents should be in compliance with a bundle of legal requirements and court rules, and a competent process server can help you out on the issue.

Nonetheless, somebody may rack their brains just to avoid receiving the documents by moving out from the reported residential address, disclaiming their real identity or simply running away when the document is at their doorstep to pretend that they have not received anything and refuse to respond. Encountering such an impasse, does it mean that giving up is the only option for us? Definitely not.

Process serving is more than delivering documents

If you think that process serving is just a synonym for the word “delivery”, that would be a huge misunderstanding. You should consider yourself lucky if the legal documents can be handed to the defendant smoothly even with accurate and sufficient information. But, more often than not, missing contact information and an uncooperative subject will hinder the legal proceedings. Therefore, process serving service is here to help you out for the lawsuit and save your time and effort from the chaos.

With the aim of serving the legal documents to the subject, various preparation works should be done to obtain relevant information carefully. First, we should gather as much relevant information as we can via background checks in order to identify and locate the subject. The media and internet searches can also help us understand more about the subject’s whereabouts and plan for the next actions. Once we obtain some necessary information, surveillance and visits will be conducted to observe the area and the subject’s pattern of daily lives to ensure that the papers can be served successfully during the attempts. Process servers will then serve the legal documents to the subject based on the verified information and the legal proceedings can commence afterwards.

Persevere through the obstacles

Our experience tells us that some uncooperative subjects would run away directly, or the people they are with would help obstruct the attempts to serve the documents. Alternatively, the subjects might blatantly lie and claim to be someone else. Sometimes physical confrontation might even happen such as the subjects throwing the served documents back to the process servers.

Notwithstanding the difficult situations, our experienced process servers can harness their honed skills and knowledge to complete the tasks. With thorough preparation for different kinds of scenarios, the subject’s possible reactions are usually within our expectation to be dealt with.

It is also part of our team’s expertise to record the process serving action clearly, which can serve as important evidence to be presented in court. With our work, our client can handle the legal procedure afterwards with more ease.

Our service pledge – Serve your documents safe and sound

Professional process serving plays an indispensable role in the legal proceedings. Our experienced process servers are dedicated to serving every single document safe and sound. Should you encounter any problem with serving legal documents or be interested in the process serving service, please do not hesitate to contact us here for further discussion and detailed plans.