Herald values transparency and communication. Our well-trained investigators vow to provide frequent updates throughout the investigation, so clients can stay informed about every step. A clear and detailed plan ensures that no hidden charges are imposed. Unlike some companies, we are committed to conducting investigations through legal means, so that all the information and evidence obtained can be used for litigation support purposes. This is what makes Herald stands out and successfully gain the trust of multiple transnational corporations.

Herald is based in Hong Kong, but we provide services across the globe. Not only are we experienced in conducting investigations in Asia Pacific regions such as China and Taiwan, our strong international network empowers us to carry out inquiries in other parts of the world. Should you need our assistance outside of Hong Kong, please do not hesitate to consult with us for a bespoke cross-border plan.

With support from our legal team, we are firmly committed to conducting all investigations through legal means. Under no circumstances will we resort to illegitimate ways during an investigation. This is the reason why the evidence we collected is always eligible to be presented in court. Endorsed by many clients from the legal sector, Herald’s integrity is beyond question.

Furthermore, we pledge to uphold the lawful rights of clients. Before charging clients for any service, we will ensure there is no conflict of interest between us and any involving parties. For cases of pre-employment check, we will obtain the Subject’s consent before we launch the investigation.

According to your needs, we offer 30 minutes of free consultation on the phone or face-to-face by appointment. The consultation will be strictly confidential. We will only prepare a quotation and a detailed action plan at a client’s discretion, thus no hidden costs will be charged.

Clients’ privacy is of utmost importance to Herald’s investigators, who are well trained to adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. We vow to keep all details of investigations strictly confidential. To safeguard the privacy of clients, a service agreement will be made between Herald and a client before we kick off a case, stating clearly that no personal data and related information shall be disclosed to a third party. Upon completion of the investigation, related records and media files may be retained for a period of up to 6 months from the date of submitting the report to the client and will then be destroyed. Alternatively, the records can be deleted immediately at the client’s discretion.

We understand that the varying quality of business consulting companies can be worrying, but you can rest assured that Herald will never falsify evidence. Our report consists of detailed descriptions of our discoveries, with evidence such as photos, videos and audio recordings to support the results of the investigation. We obtain evidence only through legal means and state our sources clearly in the report.

Herald’s charging model is built on the principle that clients’ rights and interests always come first. Upholding integrity as one of our core values, we strive to maintain good communication with clients to make sure that our services live up to their expectations.

We will assess the complexity of a case and the procedures to tackle it before issuing a basic quotation. If there are chances that additional research may be required for other potential targets, we will clearly inform the client in advance about the charges that may arise in the future.

Fees will be charged in instalments so that clients can review our services at each stage. We will only launch and charge for advanced investigation provided that clients find our initial research satisfactory and give their permission on further inquiry. We update clients regularly on our progress to ensure that no unexpected or hidden charges will be incurred.

Herald presents the investigation results with the main objective of helping our clients solve their problems. If you prefer certain additional adjustments for how the results should be presented, you can feel free to contact us to give us further instruction. Then we will discuss the best possible way to fulfil your needs as long as the information presented remains truthful and legal.

You can contact us through different means, mainly through phone calls or emails, if you have any enquiries or further instruction about your case. Even for non-immediate means such as emails, we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible by constantly checking any incoming information from our clients. For urgent cases, the client may also contact us via WhatsApp to receive prompt response. It is crucial for us to be able to adjust our investigation process according to your needs. Thus, replying to our clients promptly is always one of our primary concerns when it comes to providing our services.

To avoid any conflict of interest, we will not handle the case and all the information of the related case will also be destroyed.

It can be possible under certain circumstances and we need to review the background of your case first. Please contact us for further discussion.

It is most preferable if you can provide the Subject’s residential address, HKID number, phone number and recent photos. It is still possible if not all the above documents can be provided. Please contact us for further enquiries.

HERALD is based in Hong Kong, but we provide services across the globe. Our asset search service covers both local and overseas assets, thanks to our strong international network, which can help you find out the hidden assets to fight for fair settlement.