Digital Forensics Investigation

Digital Forensics Investigation

In a digital era where every individual possesses an electronic device or two at the very least, risks of cybercrime are on the rise, and forensics investigation becomes growingly important. Regardless of daily personal interactions or business activities and communications, urbanites have grown to rely heavily on the convenience brought by the internet and advancing technologies of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. These devices are the link that bridges the lives of modern people, yet unfortunately, they can also be the very tool used in the commission of digital crimes.

What makes electronic devices so vulnerable for cybercrime?

Inevitably, each electronic device is a sea of data, records, digital footprints and hidden secrets, which give away a tremendous amount of information when put under close scrutiny – even when the data has been compromised, they can still be retrieved by professional hands.

How can HERALD help?

Backed by professional data analysts and top tools of computer forensics, HERALD’s Digital Forensics Investigation services can help you unveil your desired information through data recovery, and obtain crucial data that can be presented in court through our digital evidence acquisition and computer data analysis.

What makes HERALD your best choice?

Digital Forensics Investigation is helpful not only in different kinds of inquiries, but also in supporting legal cases. The analysis we produce is qualified to appear in court as strong evidence. Apart from solving digital crimes such as business fraud, data theft and identity theft, digital forensics is also useful in other types of inquiries, namely:

  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Asset Search
  • Due Diligence

If you suspect that your former or current employees have leaked business secrets or valuable intellectual property, you may also resort to Digital Forensics Investigation to identify the culprit and protect your business from further loss, securing the competitiveness of the company.

What does HERALD offer?

1. Evidence Acquisition

The initial step of Digital Forensics Investigation is to obtain the concerned devices such as computers, mobile phones, hard drives and memory storage devices for close examination. The investigators will carefully inspect and preserve the data stored in the device to acquire relevant evidence, as well as find out if any data is damaged or lost.

2. Data Recovery

Digital evidence may be intentionally modified, encrypted, damaged or deleted in attempts to cover up tracks of crimes, deceits or unfaithfulness. We are specialized in data recovery on different devices in a number of aspects, such as SMS, messaging applications (i.e. WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, etc), phone calls, emails, media files, location and web browsing history. Recovered data is able to reveal critical information, including the identities of the creator and sender, along with the time of creation, access and deletion. These are the puzzle pieces that will help you put together how and why a misconduct happens.

3. Analysis of Digital Data

Having secured important evidence, we will analyze and reconstruct the digital crime. A report detailing the result of the investigation will be prepared. Despite the technicality of the digital forensics field, our team of skilled investigators will present the data analysis in a clear and comprehensible manner so as to help you or the court understand the case. By identifying the culprit and documenting the digital data retrieved, our analysis will be a piece of strong and objective evidence to support litigation or any other further actions.

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