Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

With our deep understanding of the concerns of various industries and professions, Herald hereby launches the Corporate Solutions Service to cater to our clients’ needs with its ground-breaking features. We provide our clientele including law firms, insurance companies, business corporations and others with a tailor-made package upon their needs and requests with a competitive offer.

To use our services, our clients can first open a debit account, on a monthly or yearly basis. The account will be accessible to all your staff members so as to avoid the tedious process and unnecessary cost of giving us a formal instruction for every single search.

Upon request, we will then offer the needed information in a timely manner.

Document Search

Our document search service covers the following areas (or others by request):

  • Personal / Company Profile
  • Property Transaction Search
  • Land Search
  • Mortgages & Charges
  • Vehicle Registration Search
  • Mandatory Directorship Search
  • Director Disqualification Order Search
  • Mandatory Civil & Criminal Litigation Search
  • Misconduct & Disciplinary Actions Check
  • Writ Search
  • Global Compliance Search
  • Comprehensive Media Search (in English, Chinese and/or Local Languages)
  • Business Site Visit
  • Bankruptcy / Winding-up Record
  • Tax Status
  • Trademark / Patent / Design Registry Search
  • Domain Name Search
  • Company Financial Statement (if available)

With our thorough investigation, we offer our clients a wider perspective for a better understanding of the case. The search result can act as a cornerstone for any further investigation. We can also help you verify the credibility of the potential candidates by revealing their criminal record if available.

Mystery Customers 

This service is particularly suitable for luxury brands, financial institutions, retail shops, restaurants and others who want to monitor their quality of service by checking discreetly  whether their frontline staff follow the service guidelines and meet the expectations of the management.

Before taking any action, we will first have a meeting with our clients to work through the details of the entire service such as the objectives and the process. After the investigation, we will present the result in a report with photos, videos and/or audios in a clear and insightful manner.

PRC / Overseas Search

Our service is not limited to local entities and we truly understand that many of our clients are engaging in the international market. In view of this, we offer the service of investigating PRC companies as well as overseas companies, such as background search and due diligence to let our clients know more about their potential business partners before any cooperation.

Herald offers competitive Investigation Services. To request a quotation or submit further instruction, please do not hesitate to contact us an email at and let us plan a tailor-made service package for you.