Beyond Limits – The All-round Field Investigations

Beyond Limits – The All-round Field Investigations

Have you ever thought about what field investigation looks like? Some people may think that it is simply about following somebody’s tracks on the street like what we see in movies. However, that’s only partially true.

The Ever-changing Conditions – Tackle the Problems with the Best Tactic

No one will deny that the world keeps changing every day and so do people’s lifestyles. The same approach of surveillance in the past years may already be behind the times nowadays. We understand it clearly, so we keep honing our skills and methods to keep track of social trends. Our surveillance services are not only for tracking people down, but also conducting thorough research online / offline, and collecting intelligence in different forms for record. The surveillance services can also be tailor-made for clients depending on their requests and situations.

For instance, COVID-19 has been rampant in recent years around the world. In Hong Kong, the government has implemented a series of prevention policies regarding the pandemic situation, such as having enforced (previously) the measures of wearing electronic wristbands and staying in the residence for those tested positive.

In one of our cases, the subject claimed to be infected with the disease and that he could not go outside. However, upon our research, it was found that the Subject had posted on social media about himself going out during the time where he supposedly had to stay home. Eventually, our surveillance during the same period captured him leaving the residence for work and social activities. It turned out that the Subject had provided false evidence of being contracted with the virus to avoid appearing in court.

Look into Details – We Don’t Miss a Hint

No matter if you are going to commence legal proceedings regarding matrimonial issues, family problems or labour disputes, you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your lawsuit. Field surveillance service is there to help you collect reliable records, including but not limited to the visuals collected during the surveillance and the information dug out during the research.

Apart from conducting surveillance on an individual, our service can also provide great help if you intend to learn more about a specific working environment. In one of our previous cases, our investigators were instructed to check up on a warehouse in a remote area. With discreet action, we eventually obtained crucial information about the location such as the storage companies that rented the place, the approximate number of related vehicles operating there as well as a general layout of the area. Our service result gave our client a better understanding of the targeted place, which in turn helped them gauge whether there was any unauthorized use of property in the location.

Bold but Prudent – Our Reliable Surveillance Service

Field surveillance service is an essential way for you to collect intelligence on the subject, which would be strong evidence in a legal proceeding. Our detail-minded investigators never miss any tiny point and always keep an eye on social trends to polish our surveillance service approaches. Should you have an interest in the Field Surveillance Service, please do not hesitate to contact us here for in-depth discussion.