Being Mystery Customers is neither a walk in the park nor a free lunch (Part 2)

Last time we touched on the reasons why mystery customer service is essential in the commercial world as well as the potential challenges that the investigators might face during the action. In this article, we are going to continue our journey into this line of business as to why our investigators have the techniques and expertise into overcoming these challenges and thus able to obtain high-quality findings that could greatly help our client in terms of understanding their own businesses as well as coming up with relevant solutions more effectively.


Having the Eyes of an Eagle and the Versatility of a Chameleon

Relying on only one skillset is usually a risky move for conducting any kind of investigation. In contrast, our investigators have been trained in different fields of practice that they are well-equipped to draw from their past experiences when it comes to maintaining the identity as a customer while taking in relevant information from the scene as the interaction between them and the staff continues. In one particular case, our team was tasked with the responsibility of visiting a seafood restaurant to check out not only the quality of their service but also how well the standard safety measures were met there. Hence, our investigators for that action were no longer just playing the roles of any “curious customers” or some sort of “food connoisseurs” but also the health and security inspectors of the location. And thanks to their years of immersive training in surveillance, where you never know what response that you have to come up with on the spot in all kinds of unexpected situations, our investigators blended in perfectly by playing different roles without giving away their true identities while being able to observe and record the details of the venue, how efficient the service was as well as the hygiene and safety standards. It is also equally important in our beliefs to maintain a neutral stance while fulfilling the case objectives so that our clients can obtain the most accurate results and feedback.

Not all Information is Born Equal – Client Needs the Essential and That is What We Offer

Okay, we have got the information we need. Now what’s next? Continuing our case study in the last paragraph, our investigators fulfilled their task of learning what they needed to know about the seafood restaurant. But we understood that our client would not want to be bombarded with the overwhelming influx of information while being clueless about what to look for in our result findings. Thus, our team extracted what is truly important and presented the client with the core parts such as a simplified but precise floorplan of the restaurant showing where the food was stored and how the tables and chairs were distributed, clearly indicating their distances from the exits. We also included in our findings the abstract of the conversation our investigators had with the staff with a clear timeline on the side so that our client could gauge not only the general attitude of the staff but also the efficiency of how they handled the needs of their customers. Such example is the manifestation of one of our core principles that the urgency of our client’s request for quality result must be met accordingly.

In this article we have shown you a glimpse of how tough it could be to conduct a mystery customer operation as well as how our team are able to overcome those challenges. Hopefully, we have conveyed to you the message that mystery customer service is indispensable as a tool to evaluate a business as well as for quality check, and also why you would need professionals like us to handle the investigation. Should you have any concerns regarding our services, please feel free to contact us here for further discussion.