Being Mystery Customers is neither a Walk in the Park nor a Free Lunch (Part 1)

Customer service means everything. Thanks to the internet, customers could always look for alternatives when they are dissatisfied with the shopping experience. Service providers in the-customer-is-always-right era are required to provide their service “package” – product quality plus customer service – of high standard. For the management teams striving to keep their standard up, our impartial and extensive Mystery Customers service might give you insights to outlast your competitors.


The purpose of a Mystery Customer report is to dig out the root of the problems and thus uproot them cost-effectively. Traditional reports and discreet surveillance present only the outline of the frontline staffs’ performance, that is undoubtedly insufficient for a thorough revamp. Our wide-ranging investigators are trained to inspect the environment and interact with the staff in a subtle but inclusive manner. We could adopt different roles from individual customers, couples, a group of friends, family… etc. The client could therefore assess how the targeted staff members react to different groups of customers. The flexibility of our team also secures their secret identities in order to blend in with different circumstances.


Besides face-to-face communications, online and phone interactions are two evident factors determining the rating of a company. As often happens, disputes arose when the supporting team was being “unhelpful” to the customers. We therefore do not limit our service to the tangible part – our broadened scope of investigation covers the pre- and after-sales supports of a particular product or service. The well-received hybrid method looks into the attitude, appearance, sales technique, enthusiasm, competence and product knowledge of the staff members involved in the targeted service system. By reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect from a wider perspective, you may constantly improve the standard of service and benchmark the performance against that of your competitors.


The growing trend of companies engaging quality agents to assess their own staff is observed due to the stiff marketing competition among the industries. Considering the risk of exposing the identity, taking on a mystery shopping task is always far more challenging than conducting regular surveillance operations. A competent Mystery Customer should be able to find the perfect balance between playing the convincing role as a customer and being inquisitive enough for the operation. Our investigator understands the importance of asking the right questions in a given situation based on long-term training in various investigation fields. This ability also comes from our investigators’ habit of conducting thorough preparation beforehand concerning the targeted service and product.


It is our pleasure to have your attention caught until the end of this article. Nonetheless, the introduction of our Mystery Customer service has not yet come to an end. Stay tuned for more interesting stories about mystery shopping until the next blog article. Should you have any concerns regarding our services, please feel free to contact us here for further discussion.


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