Asset & Background Check


A corporate investigation or asset and background check reveals the financial profile of an individual or a company. It uncovers all the assets of the Subject, including but not limited to vehicles, real estate, shareholdings, companies, branches, subsidiaries, and brokerage accounts. Complete knowledge about the assets of an individual or a company through a detailed corporate investigation can help you find out the truth and settle disputes more effectively.
How does HERALD’s corporate investigations service help you?
  • By following the financial trails of the Subject, we set out to unveil all the direct and indirect assets of the Subject.
  • In many situations, a detailed asset and background investigation could secure your rights and assist you in winning a lawsuit or negotiating for terms that are in your favour.
What makes HERALD’s corporate investigations service stand out?
  • HERALD’s asset inquiry is trusted by a diversified client base including individuals, attorneys, law firms and businesses.
  • Our expertise has protected their rights in different cases, such as matrimonial matters, lawsuits, business partnerships, judgment collection and debt collection from bankrupt persons or companies.

In what circumstances do you need to conduct Asset and Background Check?

1. Matrimonial Matters

You might be going through a divorce and need to assess the financial status of your spouse to determine your stand on arrangements of property division and maintenance. Alternatively, you might be signing a prenuptial agreement and a full disclosure of your partner’s assets would foster an honest discussion. When you suspect that your partner might have hidden assets from you, a discreet and reliable asset and background investigation will be a useful aid in settling your disputes in matrimonial matters.

2. Business Partnership

Before a business partnership, many companies would seek assistance from us to acquire the financial condition of a potential partner beforehand. If you find out that a company has filed for bankruptcy or has been involved in litigations through our corporate investigations, you might need to rethink the deal to avoid loss of capital. By validating the financial stability of the target company, possible risks will be identified at an early stage, and thus businesses can be better informed when they make an important decision.

3. Lawsuits and Debt collection

An asset search is often crucial to many legal cases. For example, the client might wish to consider the assets status of an individual or a company before bringing a suit against them. For an ongoing lawsuit, the findings of a full Asset Search might act as evidence in court.

If you have just won a case, an asset search can facilitate the process of judgement collection by proving that a reluctant debtor is, in fact, financially capable. If an individual or a company that owes a debt to you files for bankruptcy, we can search for hidden assets of the Subject that has escaped distribution, thus securing your rights as a creditor.

What does HERALD offer?

Our Basic Package includes a Full Individual / Corporate Background Investigation plus the following 2 items:

  • Property Transaction Search Records:
    To identify potential income or benefits from property transactions, we obtain the property transaction history of the Subject from public records, which includes the transaction date, transaction amount, the assessed value of property and identity of co-owner (if any).
  • Vehicle Search:
    We conduct surveillance work and search within local databases to find out all the vehicles which the Subject is the registered owner, unveiling the status and value of concerned vehicles.

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